What is BC007? - Why this drug?

The University Hospital Erlangen made a significant discovery in July 2021: A Long-Covid patient became symptom-free after treatment with the heart drug BC007 from Berlin Cures. Now other patients have been treated with it, with the same success.

BC007 has already been successful at Green Star. A team of doctors from various disciplines around Dr. As part of a study, Hohberger had already found out that a Covid 19 infection can also affect the blood circulation in the eyes. In the blood of the affected patients, they found certain proteins that also occur in glaucoma disease (glaucoma): These are so-called autoantibodies against G-protein-coupled receptors.

„This means that the immune defense, which is good per se, is directed against the own body and forms substances that can be harmful. This sometimes has serious consequences,“ explains Dr. Dr. Bettina Hohberger, specialist at the Erlangen Eye Clinic. „We already know one of these autoantibodies from glaucoma and know that it has a negative effect on blood circulation in the eyes,” explains the doctor.

Disturbances in the microblood circulation and increased autoantibodies can be detected both in long-covid patients and in ME/CFS patients by measuring them in the blood. These autoantibodies are rendered harmless by the drug BC007. This has now happened to the first Long Covid patients. And that’s what Dr. Hohberger and her team also test it in ME/CFS patients.

THEREFORE we need at least the amount of € 800,000!


Background (from the PR statement from Juli 2021)

Through her long-standing cooperation with Dr. Wallukat of Berlin Cures, the ophthalmologist had learned of a preparation that binds these harmful autoantibodies. This would make it possible to render the autoantibodies harmless and possibly improve the circulatory disorders. The drug was brought into a registration trial several years ago specifically for patients with severe heart disease by Dr. Wallukat, his colleague Dr. Annekathrin Haberland and former heart surgeons at the German Heart Center in Berlin. "Originally, I wanted to use it to help my glaucoma patients," Dr. Hohberger recalls. "Then when we saw the results that came out of collaborative projects on Long-Covid, it was like a lot of little puzzle pieces that fit together for us. It was quite conceivable that Long Covid symptoms could also improve as a result."


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