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Through private donations and politics 

(As of April 6th, 2022)


We will continue to collect donations until the end of May 2022, also with the funding amount of €800,000 decided by Bavarian state politics on April 6th, 2022. – The actual amount transferred to Erlangen is €720,000. – We thank you very much for that.


The money collected through the fundraiser "We demand research" will be transferred to a foundation account at the University Hospital Erlangen. Everything that goes beyond the originally specified minimum amount also serves to implement extensions of the study, which we aim to be as comprehensive as possible (e.g.: further doses of the drug BC007 in the event of recurrence of the autoantibodies, longer course of the study, extension of the follow-up observations, supplementation of examinations and follow-up examinations).


We have already achieved a great deal and look forward to your donations, which we urgently need.


Many many thanks!


Your #fundraisingbc007MEcfs team


For more information see the FAQ.

Support for the study with €800,000 from the Bavarian state parliament
Source: University Hospital Erlangen
Interview with Faraz Fallahi and Dr. Hohberger
Source: Südkurier;art417930,11091730
Interview with Faraz Fallahi and Dr. Hohberger
Source: Nürnberger Zeitung
ARD Mediathek 11.02.2022Hope for ME/CFS patients?
Source: ARD Mediathek
Daliegen wie totArticle Esslinger Zeitung "Daliegen wie tot"
Source: Esslinger Zeitung
Schwäbisches Tagblatt Extreme Erschöpfung 08.08.2022Article Schwäbisches Tagblatt "Selbst das Fernsehen ist zu viel"
Source: Schwäbisches Tagblatt
 Youtube-Video-Sibylle-09.02.2022Sibylles Video for the campaign "An indescribable odyssey"
Source: Youtube
Faraz Video für die Kampagne. i just want to go back home 06.02.2022Faraz Video for the campaign "i just want to go back home"
Source: Youtube
Historiker Ilko-Sascha Kowalczuk über ME/CFSThe historian Ilko-Sascha Kowalczuk, since 2014 sick with ME/CFS about #fundraisingbc007MEcfs
Source: Youtube
“At least 800.000 Euros are needed to start a drug study against the multisystem disease ME/CFS. Why isn't the state investing here?" (German)
Source: Berliner Zeitung
Broadcast on ME/CFS promoting our campaign (German)
Dr Lösch talking about ME/CFS and the campaign #fundraisingbc007MEcfs (German)
Press release from the University of Erlangen about our first donation of 100,000 Euros






Donate by bank transfer,
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Your money goes directly to our donation account at Berliner Sparkasse: 


Brückeverbindet e.V.
IBAN: DE43 1005 0000 0191 0769 61


In case of direct bank transfer please use the

Password „BC007 for ME/CFS“.


If the donation exceeds 200 €, please also include your e-mail and postal address for sending the donation receipt in the payment reference.



PayPal or credit card

Due to the high PayPal fees, we ask you to donate preferably by bank transfer. Thank you!

Your donation will be credited in full to the Brückeverbindet e.V. fundraisingBC007MEcfs account minus any fees incurred for the transfer. If the donation goal of at least €800,000 will not be reached, the amount you have donated will be credited back to you minus any fees incurred for the return transfer.

QR-Code links to PayPal

The non-profit association Brückeverbindet e.V. collects the donations for this project on a specially set up account. Your donation goes 100% to the research project of the UNI-Erlangen to include ME/CFS sufferers in the study with the promising drug BC007.